With a countless number of projects done throughout the years of website production and design experience. We will deliver you an ideal and responsive web design solution.

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Graphic Designing

Currently graphic design trends, with many years of combined experience in the industry. Keeping your design, branding and marketing up to speed with what your customers expect to visualize are outstandingly necessary.

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We believe one of the most important steps in developing an effective e-commerce web site is creating your online store and sell goods online. With our excellent e- commerce packages.

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With packages that ease the task of editing, adding removing and updating your site, we deliver tools built to provide and monitor astonishing performance, to achieve your pre-determined business objectives,

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Tap into a world of mobile marketing. Targeting mobile users means knocking into a whole new chain of potential customers who are always mobile and in need of your service.

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SEO Service

SEO is the process of improving traffic and ranking of a website with leading search engines. Turn fair results to greater ones across all digital channels with our service that can increase the rank in search engine.

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Don't push customers away by forcing them to a desktop-optimised site. Improve their experience and your conversion rate by giving them a rich, responsive software experience

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Web Design & Maintenance

With our years of website design and maintenance experience, We help you with recommendations to get your marketing goals, make simple text updates as well as add contents into pages.

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Managed Services

DDoS Mitigation (Denial of Service)

A countless number of attacks on DoS / DDoS have increased in popularity. They are easy to employ and highly effective in causing the down fall of your business website and bandwidth charges. The goal is to stop your business or firm by taking your website offline. The vonhosting WordPress Firewall includes DDoS protection by default and we kill its availability and make certain that your visitors are unable to access the site.

Attacks and Hacks

The largest contributing factor of hacks to websites today comes from insecure code. With time to the fullest and new techniques, attackers find ways to exploit weaknesses in code. The WordPress Firewall helps stop these vulnerabilities from being exploited.

Protection and Prevention

Regardless of the website security, attackers are looking to hack your website by any means possible. One of the very popular method hackers employs a concept known as Brute Force attacks. This method is archaic, yet highly effective. Basically, it tries every possible combination against your wordpress/cms or any website login panel to guess the right combination, in turn gaining access to your website.

Malware Prevention

Nobody wants to know that their site is considerably used to infect online visitors; whether it's to install a worm or something similar onto their computer, or steal valuable information for their social platforms (i.e., Facebook, Instagram) losing its confidentiality.

Immediate Response

Zero Day attacks have been in existence since the early days of the security industry. Significantly the moment where vulnerabilities are disclosed, and a patch is not available; this happens when an attacker identifies a potentially significant issue and is interested in watching it all burn. It's the moment where you and your website are at the greatest risk. WordPress Firewall allows us to patch your environment virtually within minutes of a Zero Day attack.

Performance Optimization

The biggest concern with security implementations is always the impact on the website's performance. You experience dramatic increases in performance, not just in how your site loads for your clients, but in the pressure placed on web server.


Managed WordPress Backup

Regardless of the assurance, you put in place; you can never be guaranteed 100% that all the implemented precautions will work. As a final and most alive option, you should always account for the value and importance of having a backup of your website and associated files. The value of having an insured backup can never be over- stressed. They are the owner’s ultimate insurance policy when all things go sideways. When the malware destroys the website, or the attacker decides to delete the entire site, backups will often be the best solution to purchase. Even if the backups are infected, being able to have a backup copy of the code will prove invaluable to any website owner. Depending on your platform, you have a wide array of options available to you when it comes to backing up your website. The solution you purchase is not the important factor. Instead, it’s the fact that a backup schedule is in place. The vonhosting backup solution is available to all existing and new clients, apply for a quote now.

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